False Shepherds: The Spiritually Inept Leading the Masses (Part 1)

‘Can one blind person guide another? Surely both will fall into a pit.’ Luke 6:39

In an era of broken spiritual traditions, when many cling to fundamentalist religious beliefs while others abandon their childhood faith out of disillusionment for the inapplicability of stale dogma to a ‘progressive’ modern society, many turn to find truth and solace elsewhere. Increasingly common nowadays is the surrender to our contemporary notion that all religion is nonsense, that science has offered no support for the existence of a spirit realm or a Higher Being, and therefore the concepts held so dearly to all human societies before ours are deemed to be merely tribal superstition, outdated modes of belief in a new age of scientific ‘enlightenment’, an era of humanistic ‘progress’, with promises of a future filled with unimaginable possibilities of technological advancement and dominance over the world of ‘lifeless’ matter.

But those who evade this doctrine of scientific nihilism often find themselves drawn to contemporary sources of ‘wisdom’, namely, television gurus and pseudo-spiritual intellectuals; that is to say, mainstream New Age philosophy, which is a chimerical amalgamation of spiritual teachings fused together with progressivist undertones, in particular the ‘evolution’ of consciousness of humanity and the dawn of a new era of wisdom and peace.

As mentioned in previous articles, there is a real danger for those who are left grasping for truth in the dark, reaching out for the first shepherd who offers uplifting encouragement and seemingly radical new concepts about life, but in effect leads many astray from the pursuit of any genuine knowledge.

This two-part article is a mere sampling of contemporary false leaders, who instruct distorted teachings to scores of followers, and earn substantial profits and fame in the process. The purpose of this exposé is intended to not only warn others of these fraudulent teachings, but also to call others to be on alert for the common traits found in this handful of examples elsewhere. It is important to keep in mind that most false teachers do not consciously mislead others, in fact, more often than not, they believe they are fulfilling quite noble goals (though of course, there are exceptions, as some charlatans are well aware of their misguiding agenda). However, human error is not such an easily dismissible excuse when so many lives are left tragically disrupted by these deceitful teachings and questionable methods.

As the Anti-Traditional movement of our age continues, the opportunities for ever more new and self-inspired practices emerge daily, as the masses are encouraged to find their own path to truth, or ‘follow your bliss’, as Joseph Campbell had said. This first article will discuss three categories of false teachers, namely New Age gurus, Mainstream Media Pandits, and Anti-Religious Conspiracy Theorists.

New Age Gurus

Rhonda Byrne is best known for her aggressively marketed best-seller The Secret, a book which promises the reader the secret to success, presenting the Law of Attraction as a means to procure any heartfelt desire, provided enough intention and visualization is sent out to the Universe. One small excerpt will suffice in illustrating the materialistic, selfish overtones of the book:

'Fix these images into your mind and then close your eyes and visualize your fingers holding your brand-new car wheel. You will have such a feeling that you will no longer want to have the car because you feel you already have it. The feeling creates the attraction, and not the photo or the thought. On the other hand there are a lot of people who say “If I have positive thoughts and if I picture myself having what I want, this will be enough.” But if you do this and do not feel fulfilled, if you do not feel love and joy, it means your mind does not produce the attraction. This is the moment the Secret comes onto stage. You have to really feel you are in that car, and not to tell yourself “I would like to be in that car.” Or ‘Someday I will have that car.”, because you have to associate the feeling with the image. If you keep this feeling, you will always situate in the future. Feel the joy despite the contrast between the feeling and your silent, dark room. And you will cry out: “Eureka!” Do it!'

Apart from the encouragement to express gratitude to the Universe as means to acquire petty gains, there is a more troubling message in The Secret, found in the final chapter:

'The whole universe is interconnected; everything is a huge energetic field. We are all extensions of the energy Source. You exist in this wonderful body, but it has distracted your attention from what you really are. You are the energy Source. You are an Eternal being, you are God’s power. You are what you call God. According to the Scripture, you are alike Him. We can say we are a way the Universe becomes aware of itself. We can say we are an infinite body of possibilities. All this is true. It means you have the God’s power and potential to create your own world.'
Here we find a typical example of the corrupting effects of half truths; a commonly held concept of a universal field of energy, whether the prana or qi of the East, or the ether of the West, the idea is nothing new; however, since the popularization of the idea from the Star Wars’ notion of the Force, we have seen many modern corruptions. In traditional teachings, the fifth element of creation is the ground of being for manifested existence, not for the entirety of the Absolute principle of the cosmos, and certainly prana cannot be considered to be the Source, but merely an intermediary between formless Essence and manifest Substance. Furthermore, the above passage gives testament to the utterly blasphemous and confused teachings of the New Age movement: ‘You are the energy Source…You are what you call God’. This is nothing less than blatant Luciferian doctrine presented as an inspirational afterthought in an otherwise materialist self-help book promoted on Oprah and Larry King. The myth of Lucifer falling from Grace once he stopped singing the praises of God implies the fallen condition of humanity, in which egoic individuality acts to separate us from the Divine Reality. Instead of offering the path to Redemption, the New Age consecrates the imperfect human condition as Godhood, bound to the realm of time and space and endless change, effectively declaring finite existence to be on the same level as God, an echo of Lucifer’s original sin.
The dethronement of God, replaced by the egoic self as the sole Divine authority of the Universe is unfortunately found in countless New Age testimonies. One guru in particular who is fond of such sentiments is the spirit-channeler, JZ Knight, otherwise known as Ramtha, who appeared in the documentary What the Bleep Do We Know!?, produced by students of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment.

First of all, a distinction must be made between two practices, that of contacting beings of a Divine order through initiatic practices, and that of surrendering oneself to an unknown entity through channeling, allowing it to temporarily gain access to one’s mind and body, as if pulling the strings on a puppet. It is very common for low-level entities to impersonate a high-level being, often giving the impression of being an angel, an alien, an ascended master, or any other form that appears to be a wise and caring being to the unsuspecting channeler. To make matters worse, spirit channeling exposes one’s innermost fears and desires to any would-be psychic predator, which makes manipulation all the more easier, as the channeler finds comfort in the vague platitudes that these entities instruct, while simultaneously accepting their corrupted teachings blindly and subsequently preaching these to other misguided souls.

In the case of JZ Knight, however, there is no doubt that she is nothing but a fraud, using the premise of spirit channeling to gain public attention and procure tens of thousands of followers and millions of dollars. She claims that the channeled entity called Ramtha was a Lemurian warrior who later reached enlightenment and returned to Earth by means of JZ Knight’s body to teach ancient wisdom to the masses.

Carl Sagan put it best in criticizing Ramtha (although he goes too far in citing this as evidence for the nonexistence of spirit entities altogether), in writing a list of questions that would verify whether or not Ramtha was indeed a disembodied entity from paleolithic times, such as "What were the indigenous languages, and social structure?", "What was their writing like?" or "How does he know that he lived 35,000 years ago?", and he concludes, "Instead, all we are offered are banal homilies."

Here are the ‘four cornerstones of the Teachings’ as stated on Ramtha’s official website:

  • the statement: ‘You are God’
  • the mandate to make known the unknown
  • the concept that consciousness and energy creates the nature of reality
  • the challenge to conquer yourself

As with Rhonda Byrne, once again we find the Luciferic claim that ‘You are God’, and a misplaced conception of prana replacing the principle of the unmanifest Absolute. In effect, the message instills a solipsistic belief system, in which the seeker finds oneself to be the center of the Universe, and the sole meaning of life is to create one’s own reality. In the spirit of Lucifer, the concept of the Infinite, unchanging quality of God the Absolute is rejected, and a soul is bound to the realm of manifestation, believing oneself not only to be the source of everything, but to have attained Enlightenment – a complete distortion of spiritual traditions of both East and West. In traditional teachings, a human individuality is a mere mortal, not a god, as endlessly repeated in New Age ramblings. The quest for immortality and union with the transcendent Principle requires the dissolution of the ego, so that the being emerges purified. Only then is it qualified to enter the Divine realms, and to state otherwise, as Byrne and Knight have done, is a complete inversion of the teachings, elevating humanity to the level of godhood.

Mainstream Media Pandits

Historically, there have always been two aspects of spirituality in a traditional culture: that of the exoteric, public religious practices of ritual and beliefs, and that of the esoteric, private transmission of spiritual wisdom via a master-apprentice relationship. A simple example would be the public instructions a village elder would give to the people through the telling of legends and their participation in protective rituals, and the knowledgeable shaman who would impart ancient teachings of spirit journeying and healing to a young initiate. In modern civilization, the exoteric side of religion has become corrupt and distorted, with priests and teachers encouraging followers to adhere to shallow, literal interpretations of scriptural teachings, missing the esoteric element, which has all but disappeared from our culture. As René Guénon explains,

'''[E]xoterism' requires 'esoterism' as its necessary complement. When this esoterism is misunderstood, and the civilization is no longer directly attached to its superior principles by any effective link, it is not long before it loses all its traditional character, for the elements of this order still subsisting in it are like a body abandoned by the spirit, and consequently are henceforth powerless to constitute anything more than a sort of empty formalism, which is exactly what has occurred in the modern Western world.'' (The Multiple States of the Being, 1932)
In the absence of master-apprentice relationships in our secular society, the gaping need for spiritual nourishment is now found in the form of mass preaching of pseudo-esoteric concepts to the public by means of the mainstream media, which attempt to restore spiritual truths to the corrupt exoteric domain by professing profound and potentially hazardous teachings to the masses, teachings which had traditionally been safeguarded by esoteric schools in secrecy. What results is a further corruption, as the uninitiated public develops idiosyncratic interpretations of ancient teachings, often incorporating values from the profane modern worldview, in particular, that of the so-called ‘planetary evolution of consciousness.’
Perhaps the most prominent proponent of this New Age doctrine nowadays is Eckhart Tolle, whose success is no doubt due to his frequent public exposure on the Oprah Winfrey Show, promoting such books as ‘The Power of Now’ and ‘The New Earth’. While it must be consented that Tolle’s teachings on the illusory nature of the ego and the effects its attributes have on contemporary society are noteworthy, his speeches are regularly tainted with rhetoric about ‘the new dimension of consciousness emerging on the planet.’ Instead of taking the traditional approach of viewing transformation as a solely personal journey, Tolle applies the Darwinian concept of evolution to humanity’s level of spiritual advancement on a collective level.
'Until very recently, the transformation of human consciousness – also pointed to by the ancient teachers – was no more than a possibility, realized by a few rare individuals here and there, irrespective of cultural or religious background. A widespread flowering of human consciousness did not happen because it was not yet imperative…A significant portion of the earth’s population will soon recognize, if they haven’t already done so, that humanity is now faced with a stark choice: Evolve or die. A still relatively small but rapidly growing percentage of humanity is already experiencing within themselves the breakup of the old egoic mind patterns and the emergence of a new dimension of consciousness…A new species is arising on the planet. It is arising now, and you are it!' (A New Earth: Awakening to You Life’s Purpose, 2008)
At a time when human degeneration is at its lowest, when society places more value on celebrity gossip, sporting events, dieting, fashion, and entertainment than on pursuing age-old mysteries of Being, Tolle believes that suddenly a great shift will emerge simply because if we do not, there is no possibility of survival for our species. While there is no argument about the very real possibility of self-annihilation of the human race, it is utter nonsense to claim that now of all times is the spiritual pinnacle of humanity. Only until this profane modern civilization implodes upon its own unsustainable corruption can any real change take place on a planetary scale; it is far too late in the game to suggest that all people worldwide will suddenly awaken to the illusion of their identities -- and feel inspired by the realization! If such a global awakening were to happen, mass terror and psychosis would be more likely to follow, as there are few, if any, qualified spiritual centers left today to lead the materialistically conditioned public, leaving only the mainstream media pundits to fill the role.

Furthermore, the notion of ‘evolve or die’ is a very dangerous perspective which has been propagated widely through films such as
The Day the Earth Stood Still and Knowing. This is nothing but social conditioning which instructs the public that all suffering and global crises are in fact good, because it challenges us to grow as a species when we are at our most immature. In effect, it offers a logical acceptance of war and mass genocide as agents of positive change, as depicted in these films.

More paradoxically, is Tolle’s argument that never before in human history has enlightenment been more accessible to the public, when in reality, it has been the steady destruction of ancient spiritual traditions which has led to the chaotic state the world is currently in, and to claim that modern thinking, spawned from Anti-Traditional philosophies, to be wiser than the ancients is nothing other than a collective arrogance fueled by ignorance of the past. It is essential to note that esoteric schools did not keep their teachings secret out of a selfish desire for power (there are certain exceptions, of course, as the Illuminati brotherhood are considered to have attained such pervasive control over the modern world precisely because of the secretive nature of their inverted esoteric practices, hidden from the public eye). Traditionally, the seeming isolation of true esoteric practices was due to the fact that only a minority within any given society was ready to receive the teachings and could competently carry on the tradition, receiving knowledge that could be potentially dangerous if fallen into the wrong hands. The few who attained real spiritual wisdom would act as subtle transmitters of knowledge to the entire people, generally without their noticing of the outward effects the quiet contemplative practices were having on the community at large, as expressed via the public’s exoteric life.

Another Oprah-endorsed media guru is Deepak Chopra. While having the benefit of coming from a country with such rich spiritual traditions of India, his teachings are by no means purely orthodox, incorporating ideas from quantum physics and the business-like Transcendental Meditation group, and dealing with trite problems such as relationship advice and using the Law of Attraction to acquire ‘success’. From a business perspective, Chopra can be considered very successful, having sold over 30 millions books and earning millions of dollars from public speeches. He once joked on The Colbert Report, that he is not a ‘prophet’ but a ‘profit’.

Chopra is also very popular among celebrities, having inspired such public figures as Madonna, Brittney Spears, Michael Jackson, Hilary Clinton, and most recently Lady Gaga. And Chopra seems to enjoy the famous connections he has made, as he said on a segment on MTV:

'One of the most unexpected celebrities that I have recently met, because I have met them all, is Lady Gaga. She has an exquisite talent, in both her performances and her singing. She writes lyrics that to me are reminiscent of the Beatles, and she has an extraordinarily mature mind, and she has existential angst. She's troubled both by her own personal questions about existence and also by the big social issues of our time, so she’s a combination of wisdom, angst, rebellion, great talent, exquisite music and great performance.'
It might seem strange hearing that a spiritual ‘guru’ finds value in the creations of a performer such as Lady Gaga, with her recurring themes of murder, mind control, promiscuity, and blasphemy found in her music videos and live performances; however, delving into Chopra’s teachings reveals his encouragement to ‘get in touch with our shadow’ as a means to become whole human beings.

Following the psychoanalytic perspective of Carl Jung, Chopra believes that by ‘getting in touch with’ our shadow side and ‘sharing it with others’ we can free those negative energies from our psyche and provide balance to our lives. This may sound reasonable from a modern perspective, but a real danger emerges if a mere ‘psychological’ label is applied to all negative qualities of the mind. There exist unseen, outside forces that affect an individual, and the subconscious is the gateway to the lower realms in which they reside. By intentionally making the ‘journey of descent’, a practitioner essentially invites the opportunity of attack from low-level entities. Of course the concept of ridding oneself of negative influences is ideal, but without a qualified guide, the process could be hazardous. Nowadays there is an overwhelming focus on the subconscious, so much so that the subconscious is often mistaken to be the doorway to higher realms; but the very name should indicate otherwise, as sub-conscious implies access to the underworld; conversely, it is the super-conscious that provides the way to the higher realms.

Like Tolle, Chopra expresses support for the idea of the collective transformation of human consciousness, even transhumanist notions of utilizing technology to somehow accelerate the process, as seen in this

'We can't stop technology. If you're against technology, forget it, you’re going to be an extinct species... I see this cyberspace literally as the Akashic Record in manifestation. We're seeing the emergence of something so powerful that we haven't realized its impact...If we use it rightly, this technology could actually accelerate the evolution of the human species. We could actually see this as an extension of our own evolution at this moment.'
How one can equate such an imperfect source of knowledge as the Internet to the Akashic Record, the cosmic memory of all events, is beyond comprehension. And to suggest implementing technology as a means to ‘evolve the human species’ is yet another Anti-Traditional sentiment stemming from the distorted modern worldview of ‘progress’.

While the teachings presented by Tolle and Chopra via the mass media do sometimes strike some profound truth, the distorted modern views that creep into the picture must not be overlooked. It is vital to never suppose these television teachers to be fully enlightened beings shepherding in the masses; in reality, they are just as ‘unevolved’ as everyone else, admitting to having gained their first spiritual experiences either as a result of suicidal despair in Tolle’s case, or an acid trip at the age of seventeen in Chopra’s. How can these imperfect ‘gurus’ assume the responsibility for spiritual instruction of millions of followers? Just how personalized and complete can a teaching system delivered mainly through daytime talk shows, workshops, DVDs, and Twitter feeds really be? And even if these teachers believe themselves to possess truly good intentions, there is no escaping the corrupting influence of the media business that has enveloped them, a prime example being the increasing rates Tolle charges audience members attending his workshops according to the proximity in which they sit to him, allowing them to benefit from his ‘spiritual presence’. Perhaps these teachers offer some good in introducing the masses to otherwise unknown spiritual ideas; however, their teachings should only be considered a starting point, if anything, as the shallow, oftentimes mundane applications of their spiritual advice leaves much to be desired.

Anti-Religious Conspiracy Theorists

Moving away from the mainstream, an increasing number of people are developing an interest in conspiracy theories, often with the curiosity of discovering the lies they had once held to be truths in any facet of world events and society. Often this entails exposing hidden agendas found within the under workings of finance and politics in global institutions, criminal acts which ultimately poison all other sectors of modern life, including that of religious institutions. While many conspiracy theorists offer their perspective on the corruption found in these religious organizations, two proponents in particular provide a more than exaggerated take on religion as whole, and do not hesitate in offering their own distorted view of what true spirituality should be.
The Zeitgeist film can be considered to be the first widely distributed documentary which expounded on the New World Order conspiracy that is subtly taking place within all facets of global economy and politics, instilling a tyrannical world government ruled by the self-appointed Elite. The filmmaker Peter Joseph did a fine job of exposing the real story behind the 9/11 attacks and the Elite’s methods of manipulating the public. The film, however, also argues that all world religions are included within this manipulated zeitgeist of our times, that all spiritual traditions, especially Christianity, are ‘plagiarized’ versions of older myths and have been used only to keep the sheep in line. After using a wide range of erroneous claims (e.g. that Horus, Krishna, and Dionysus were all born of virgins, that Horus was crucified, that Jesus never historically existed, etc.), the filmmaker concludes:

'Christianity, along with all other theistic belief systems, is the fraud of the age. It serves to detach the species from the natural world, and likewise, each other. It supports blind submission to authority. It reduces human responsibility to the effect that "God" controls everything, and in turn awful crimes can be justified in the name of Divine Pursuit. And most importantly, it empowers those who use the myth to manipulate and control societies. The religious myth is the most powerful device ever created, and serves as the psychological soil upon which other myths can flourish.'

Believing ancient myths to be nothing more than lies that separate us from ‘the natural world’ and ourselves (instead of realizing the profound truths held within their allegories), claiming that only humans are responsible for the events in the world (and thereby denying the subtle realm and its effects on physical reality), perceiving religion as merely a psychological defect exploited by the ruling Elite (as opposed to religion’s role in offering a path of liberation from worldly suffering), is the complete reduction of all ancient wisdom to simple fairy tales from an ‘unenlightened’ age. It is this Anti-Traditional perspective that is in fact the most damaging of all belief systems, and the problem is further exacerbated by the closing message from Zeitgeist: Addendum, which calls everyone to dispel all religious ‘superstitions’ of the past, and instead embrace the progression of technology to solve our problems and aid the global ‘Revolution of Consciousness’.

Here are a few examples of Zeitgeist’s Anti-Traditional calling:

'From hunters and gathers, to the agricultural revolution, to the industrial revolution, the pattern is clear. It is time for a new social system, which reflects the understandings we have today.'

'Likewise, dominant worldviews, such as theistic religion, operate with the same social irrelevancy. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and all of the others, exist as barriers to personal and social growth, for each group perpetuates a closed worldview…and this finite understanding that they acknowledge is simply not possible in an emergent universe. Yet, religion has succeeded in shutting down the awareness of this emergence by instilling the psychological distortion of Faith upon its followers, where logic and new information is rejected, in favor of traditionalized, outdated beliefs.'

'Your personal beliefs, whatever they may be, are meaningless when it comes to the necessities of life. Every human being is born naked, needing warmth, food, water, shelter... Everything else is auxiliary. Therefore, the most important issue at hand is the intelligent management of the earth resources. … Furthermore ideologies that separate humanity, such as religion, need strong reflection in the community in regard to its value, purpose and social relevancy. Hopefully, through time, religion will lose its materialism and basis in superstition, and move into the useful field,
of philosophy.'
Equating ancient religion with superstitious materialism is nothing but a complete inverse of the truth, and presuming such a limited and relative field as philosophy to trump ancient traditional wisdom in the quest for knowledge, is a clear demonstration of Joseph’s total incomprehension of the ancient mysteries he has sought to expose. The message in Zeitgeist is that the only element of religion that is relevant in today’s emerging global society is the idea of Oneness. While there is merit in the idea, it is given at the expense of the deeper esoteric truths held within such traditions as ‘Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and all of the others’, and the concept of Oneness presented in the film is so vague that it remains unclear if the presented ideal is one of Unity or merely utilitarian Uniformity. Furthermore, the utopian global society envisioned by the Zeitgeist Movement’s Venus Project, is nothing more than the equivalent of the secular, global technocracy of the New World Order that these films seek to expose, albeit without the ruling Elite (presumably). This just goes to show that any so-called ‘movement’ against the New World Order agenda can easily be hijacked and misdirected, declawing any possible threat of uprising from the long-oppressed people, who discard one confused worldview for another, continuing to be led by those who claim to know what is best for us.
Another well-known conspiracy theorist who speaks out against the New World Order tyranny is David Icke, whose unique perspective on the real causes for the subversive evil found in world affairs today is commendable, albeit slightly askew. The key to uncovering the reasons for the emergence of the global slave-state lie in understanding the nonphysical factors involved, that is to say, the subtle forces and entities which influence us humans, bound to the world of the five senses, oblivious to these beings’ existence. While Icke’s descriptions of the ‘Reptilian hybrids’ who propagate through the thirteen Illuminati family bloodlines might seem like raving lunacy to most people conditioned by our secular, materialist culture, the idea of unseen beings interacting with humans is nothing new, and was commonly accepted in traditional cultures, only these creatures were referred to as maleficent spirits or daemons, instead of the modern-influenced term ‘inter-dimensional reptilians’.

Despite recognizing the existence of the spirit realms, or 'interspace dimensions’, as he prefers to call them, Icke follows a similar anti-religious philosophy as Peter Joseph, inciting others to wake up to the conspiracy of the ruling Elite’s use of religion to not only control the masses, but to offer worship and blood sacrifice to the reptilian ‘gods’, from ancient Sumer to present day, thereby discrediting all sacred traditions to be perverse cults of Satanism.

‘The priesthood took the ancient Sumer Sun religion, esoteric, astrological and astronomical knowledge, and the stories of their reptilian gods, and buried them in symbolic fables. This hid their real meaning, except to initiates, while introducing the rigid beliefs of the prison religions. Every major religion, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism all had the same basic origin: the knowledge and beliefs of Sumer, which inherited the knowledge and beliefs of Atlantis and Lemuria.’ (Children of the Matrix, 2001)
As an alternative, Icke promotes the standard New Age rhetoric: we create our own reality, the world’s consciousness is evolving and we are on the brink of a ‘collective transformation’, which offers another example of how the New Age concept of evolving global consciousness is merely a transposition of the Darwinian concept of evolution into the field of spirituality, as periods of tribulation are considered necessary for our expansion of consciousness as a species. More disconcerting is Icke’s admission that the source of his inspiration came from a disembodied voice of some unknown entity that had been following him around, which brings to mind the same malefic forces that are often involved in spirit channeling, as insight which comes in the form of visions or voices are typically the effects of deceptive low-level entities, while knowledge gained through truly Divine encounters are experienced on a much more profound level of Being. Despite the fact that Icke claims to reject New Age philosophy along with traditional religions, he tends to preach a lot of New Age sentiments.

'Fear of being alone, rejected or attacked all become that physical experience unless you deal with the source of the energy which manifests these things - YOU. So its no good blaming anyone else for your life. You have either created it by your own thoughts and feelings or the Brotherhood has done so because you have allowed your thoughts and feelings to be manipulated by religion, the media, politics, doctors, teachers and all the rest.' (The Biggest Secret, 1999)

'The 'world' you are afraid of only exists in your head and you can change it any time you want by changing your sense of reality. You are Infinite Possibility and you can manifest anything if you don't let the ‘I can't' program control you.' (Infinite Love is the Only Truth: Everything Else is Illusion, 2005)
Yet again, we are given the same watered-down spiritual teachings, reminiscent of the message of The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know!?: ‘You are the Source, you create your reality, etc.’ By eschewing ancient spiritual teachings, the requisite path to spiritual awakening is essentially skipped over, resulting in an unpurified, undisciplined ego believing itself to be the ground of all Being.

Those who believe themselves to have broken away from the commonplace and misguided norms of societal beliefs all too often fall into another pit of ignorance. These days, misinformation is found everywhere: in the form of an inspirational book, positive advice given on daytime television, as a side note in a controversial documentary, or in the encouragement given by a seemingly wise spiritual teacher. Unfortunately, it is all too common for these inspirational leaders to be just as blind as the hordes of followers they collect. Of course, there exist teachers who retain a level of integrity and genuine knowledge; however, discerning the wheat from the chaff becomes a great challenge today, when any kernels of truth are often buried deep within heaps of confused and misguiding teachings.


Eric Dubay said...

The work you are doing is so important. Keep it up! I'll be posting this as soon as you get Part 2 up. Peace


Shawn said...

Yes Great work. We are on the same page.


David said...

While some may not agree that we are consciousness experiencing this reality subjectively.. through our bodies.. I don't think that makes someone who believes that to be a false sheperd.

Bottomline, a theory of origins cannot be proven. Unless you were there to observe it and experiment you cannot scientifically prove or disprove anything. All beliefs of this nature require faith.

The belief that everything is one.. that there is an infinite intelligence.. that we are all extensions and connected to this supreme creator is no more evil or misguided than any other theory. In fact, it's more reasonable than many of the other theories of origin.

Just my opinion.


F said...

Christian churches have wrought about the greatest danger and destruction of the world.Evil sheperds?esses use evil mastermanipulation plan to diabolically extort the treasures gift, worth of innocent person(and to victimise them and destroy them) making a way for the blood related relative(nepotism) Christs finest leaders with predestined sovereign purposes of greatness destroyed(scattered,trampled,damaged,extorted.) for the ambition of power or money.Christs punishment all over the world( fires , tornados, earth-quake,destructive storms, hail floods etc because of the work of false/evil shepherds/esses.The book I am authoring is a true story of a life that was precious in Christ Jesus,The greatest spiritual leader that the world would ever have had.The victimisation of this person in a church would bring Gods judgement and fury and wrought about the destruction of the earth until it was left a desolate place.The hidden, the unknown danger to the world because of secret criminal activity in the place of a christian church.Any inquiry or comment Felicity, my email address is fsgbsn@gmail.com

Inner Peace 1979 said...

I wish F would bother to decrypt what he/she just posted here...
would sure like to understand

Bellingham said...

Wow, scared much?

These non-orthodox teachers are making positive changes in millions of people's lives while using refreshing terms that describe things beyond inspiring, but limited Christian rhetoric.

Because their words are beyond from your comfort zone and non-Christian, you have preemptively decided that these folks are Luciferous and you have based your entire blog post on finding ways to support that biased and fearful assumption.

The clouded mind is yours, my friend.

Thaddeus Griebel said...

If you had read carefully what I wrote in this article and others on this site, you would realize that I have no qualms with religions which differ from Christianity. There is much wisdom found in religious traditions from both East and West, whether in Christianity, Hinduism, Sufism, etc.

The distortion which arises from the types of leaders I have delineated here derives from the modern tendency to lump all world religions into a mass amalgamation of teachings to create a single 'world doctrine' of sorts. As a result, none of the original traditional teachings retain any integrity, and one is left with a very watered-down and distorted system of beliefs.

Rather than encouraging their followers to adhere to their own religious upbringing, brought to a better understanding through the study of other religions, these teachers tend to promote the shunning of religious ties in place of a self-styled, vague sense of spirituality, divorced from its exoteric elements inherent to a particular culture and tradition.

s said...

any one heard of Alaje?
I wish you Thaddeus would express your views on him.
please watch all his 15 vids and express what you think, i really like your views because i agree with you on the mass media stuff such as: secret, zeitgeist, what bleep etc..
Hope for your review - I think alaje's message is good but im still not sure if its new age or not. so thats why i wish your views on him.

Thaddeus Griebel said...

Alaje's message is about as New Age as it gets: channeling a spirit from the "Pleiades" who speaks about an "evolution" of Earth's frequencies.

Accepting teachings from "channeled entities" is almost never a sound spiritual practice: either the channeller is faking in order to gain a following, or, more commonly, the channelled entity is not what it claims to be and deceives the channeller and anyone else who listens to its "teachings".

In the case of Alaje's teachings, on the surface it seems very positive and beneficial to humanity, but there is really no depth to what he's saying. While promoting a message of love, he encourages people not to become "addicted to religion", that religion is predominantly a source of hate. New Age beliefs almost always entail eschewing traditional religions for something new, which unavoidably leads to individual deviations and a watered-down spirituality.

While it is true that some people who claim to be religious are in fact overzealous and intolerant to others with different beliefs, it must be noted that religious hypocrites do not define a true religion. The great religions are time-tested sources of wisdom; the greatest risk about New Age religions is that they are recent inventions, usually founded by an imperfect individual who likes to channel unknown entities. The disturbing aspect of this is the common message these entities preach: that religions such as Christianity are not the way to Truth, that Earth's consciousness is 'evolving', that humanity is in need of a new 'world religion'. These beliefs go against everything a traditional religion would teach, and suggests a more diabolical agenda hidden underneath the sugar-coated message of peace and love.

s said...

Thank very much for a quick reply and much thank you for being kind and expressing your view =))

Btw he claims hes not channeling, he claims he is born human and lives in multi dimensions. Also that he came to earth to help the humanity or something along those lines. He actually says or warns people not to listen to channelers because they could be telling something like 80% truth to gain trust and tell big lies (something like that).

I asked him if he ever read a book called Thiaoouba Prophecy and Holy Qur'an, since he never mentioned anything about islam and he never replied =))
And about the book: Theres allot of similar stuff to what he says.

But, after watching the videos and reading all of the Q&A's from his site,
I did stop smoking funny stuff and became a vegetarian and i think i dont have bad habits such as alcohol and stuff.. But i always questioned he's meditation, replies to other people and when someone opens a youtube account with his name and mocks he's name, he spams like crazy on his youtube channel and threatens people that he will leave and basically give up on people that follow him and worship him even.
1: If i opened a youtube account and do exactly same thing as he, i'd automatically expect other people who dont agree with me and mock me on their pages and create youtube channels with anti me messages.
2: Saying he's a higher being, an angel even and acting like a baby, threatening people to leave because of petty things, proves he is not such a wise higher being as he claims he is.

Sorry just expressing where i'm coming from and why i dont trust him.

If possible may i ask your view on he's meditation?
Reason for that is because i read other people not trusting him but said they liked the so called simple meditation technique he teaches.

Is just trying to clear my head of thoughts for long time better?
Theres so many different ones on the net but i just dont trust most of them.

Thank you very much again for your help =))

Thaddeus Griebel said...

First of all, it's important to be clear about one thing: the practice of mediation has been around for millennia, and no individual can claim to have invented a a unique system, rather only their own personal modification of an ancient practice. So even if Alaje's technique works for a lot of people, it doesn't mean that he deserves full credit for that system of meditation. That being said, simply clearing the mind doesn't necessarily mean that it will lead a practitioner to higher spiritual states. What it will do, is gradually make you more aware of the subtle states, particularly the psychic or 'astral' realms. But again, 'psychic' and 'spiritual' are not the same thing. The astral realms contain a mix of both negative and positive energies, and just passively clearing your mind and allowing any influence to come through is a risky practice. For this reason, it's much better to clear the mind of all distraction, while at the same time, focusing all attention on a sacred image or symbol. (And this is just another reason why is it is much sounder to stick to a traditional religious practice, not some internet user's personal invention.)

Anyway, I agree with your view on this Alaje guy. It seems a bit strange that a self-proclaimed 'multi-dimensional' spiritual master would act so childishly toward any criticism he receives.

s said...

HI and thank you very much again.

By focusing my mind on a sacred symbol, do you mean by relaxing, getting rid of thoughts and staring at a sacred symbol or image, or memorising it and imagining it?
And do you know where i can find such symbols or what symbol?
Im scared of something like for example: looking at something i would think is sacred but its actually satanic as an example =) - sorry im new to this

BTW you ever seen this before? :

Thank you for your time :)

Thaddeus Griebel said...

Thanks for sharing the video, I had never seen that one before, but there are some other strange coincidences from that Illuminati Card Game, like the WTC and pentagon attacks and the 3/11 earthquake in Japan.

As for choosing a sacred symbol, that depends entirely on what religion you were raised in. So if you're Christian, then praying/contemplating in front of a cross is best, if you're Buddhist, a statue of the Buddha, etc. However, in the case of Islam, visual symbols are discouraged; therefore daily Salah prayers should be the focus, so the sound of the prayer (either mentally or aloud) is the sacred symbol on which you focus.

At first, it's best to have the actual image in front of you (a statue or saying the prayers out loud), and gradually as the practice deepens, you can become absorbed in the symbol while imagining it. Don't try to force intrusive thoughts away, instead, let them come and go, without without being distracted by them, while maintaining focus on the sacred.

The reason why prayer and meditation on sacred symbols is so important is that, contrary to what New Age teachings say, we cannot lift ourselves up by our 'metaphysical bootstraps', as Ravi Zacharias would say. We need help from the Divine in order to be elevated into spiritual states of Being, and that help can only come if we adequately prepare ourselves and sincerely ask for assistance.

That being said, I want to make one thing clear: I am not a guru or spiritual teacher, I am an imperfect person who is also seeking the way to the Truth, so please consider the advice I've given, but only accept it if it makes sense for you.

s said...

Thank you very much for your advice again.
As for the card games theres many other interpretations on youtube and net, also another interesting theory about that 3/11 card :) Rik's 2012 theory (how i found your blog btw) =))

Another very interesting eye opener video i would recommend (in my opinion) :
didn't watch the part 3 yet though but will tonight.

All the best =))

jones said...

this is all excellent stuff--thankyou for speaking my mind haha. Paul

evans ngoko said...

amen and thankyou for your bravery. keep telling the truth.

EnmanuelPhoenix said...

Great article. What I dislike about these mainstream gurus is the conformity with the system, the "all if fine, the universe is great, society is great as long as we're leading it, you are the wrong one because you have not adapted to it, adapting yourself to lower standards of the shitty world we run is the key to your happiness" that is implicit in their teachings.
I resonate with Sethian John Gnosticism and from a gnostic point of view, the teaching of these modern gurus are all about obedience and the sleep of our divine spark, and whats worst: in the name of spirituality.
However, this is not actually modern phenomena, priestly classes have been doing this for thousands of years, using the name of great teachers to sell idolatry and twist their teachings to please the patronizing kings and exempt them of their evil doings.

Unknown said...

This is very well written.

Unknown said...
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